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Podcast Atlanta

We are an open group of professional, experienced, new, and aspiring podcasters in and around Metro Atlanta. Our monthly meetings vary from informal gatherings, panel discussions on various aspects of podcasting from a diverse point of view, formal presentations by various experts on specific topics, and occasional special events.

Podcast Atlanta

The mission of Podcast Atlanta is to provide monthly venues for experienced, new or aspiring podcasters. We meet to discuss all the topics related to podcasting. Plus, it gives us all a chance to get

Social Gatherings

Our informal meet and greet gatherings are in central Atlanta. Dozens of podcasters meet in the backroom of the restaurant that has a full food and drink menu. This is a great time to meet other podcasters, share your recent news, get help on your own podcasting challenges, and get feedback on new ideas.

Panel Discussions

For our panel discussions, we explore one area podcasting and get multiple viewpoints. We feature three experience panelist with a diverse background. These panel discussions are led by an emcee. Questions are pre-submitted and also sourced from the audience.

Leader Presentations

Our presentations are a bit different. We dive deep into one aspect of podcasting and host an expert in that area.

Special Events

Social interactions and informational learning is at the core of our events. Occasionally we may host a special event outside and in addition to our normal gatherings.


We get dozens of podcasters get together at our monthly events, but the help and networking doesn’t end there.

Facebook Group

We continue our discussions between events on our closed Facebook group. This is also the social networking channel to get inside information on possible upcoming events as well as solicit feedback to make scheduled events better. Why closed? We wanted a relatively safe place for people to ask questions, share ideas, and celebrate accomplishments.

Twitter Hashtag

Podcast Atlanta is a group, not an individual. As such, we use an open hashtag to communicate. We use the #PODATL to share our excitement and involvement to the world. Attendees are encouraged to take pictures and share them with the hashtag #PodATL on Twitter and other social media platforms.


Podcast Atlanta is proud to feature the following speakers at past and future events.

Do you have expertise in a topic you would like to share with the podcast Atlanta group, contact us and let’s discuss!

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