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Podcast Atlanta is proud to feature these speakers at our events.


Podcast Atlanta is proud to feature the following speakers at past and future events.

Mark Deal

Mark Deal is the organizer of Podcast Atlanta. He currently has two interview-based shows. His first show, the U.S. Immigration Podcast was launched over two years with the last show wrapping up in December 2015. He currently cohosts a branded show called EB5 Investment Voice. Mark is also working on a new season of his first show backed by sponsor support as well as launching five new podcasts in 2017… all of legal topic podcasts of some variety.

Mark will be presenting at Pod101: Intro to Podcasting and How to get your Podcast Sponsored in January 2017

U.S. Immigration Podcast on iTunes (also on Android)

EB5 Investment Voice on iTunes (also on Google Play)

Discover more at Legal Authority Builder

Daniel J. Lewis

As an award-winning podcaster, Daniel gives you the guts and teaches you the tools to launch and improve your own podcasts for sharing your passions and finding success. Daniel creates resources for podcasters, such as the SEO for Podcasters training, the My Podcast Reviews global-review aggregator, and the Podcasters’ Society membership for podcasters. As a recognized authority and influencer in the podcasting industry, Daniel speaks on podcasting and hosts his own podcasts covering how to podcast, clean-comedy, and the #1 unofficial podcast for ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time, all under the umbrella of Noodle Mix Network and having received nearly 20 award nominations. Daniel and his wife, Jenny, live near Cincinnati with their newborn son, “Noodle Baby.”

Daniel will be speaking on How to Make Your Podcast Amazing

Listen to the Audacity To Podcast 

Discover more at Podcasters’ Society membership for podcasters.

Gordon Firemark

Gordon is a lawyer, podcaster, consultant and a theatrical producer based in Los Angeles California. It is there he practices entertainment law, representing artists, writers, directors, producers and other fields of Theatre, film, television, and new media. He is The author of the Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide. Gordon hosts three podcasts and is the founder of power podcasting for lawyers where he helps legal professionals create podcasts to grow their practices.

Gordon will be speaking on Legal Podcasting Tips to Cover Your Butt

Listen to the Entertainment Law Update Podcast 

Discover more at Firemark.com

Steve Stewart

Steve started a podcast called MoneyPlan SOS for his Financial Coaching business in 2010. He had been using Audacity to record vinyl records onto CD before podcasting existed - so it was a no-brainer to use it for recording and editing his show. His passion for the medium and desire to help others succeed in the personal finance space that he now produces shows for more than a dozen other podcasters. His portfolio includes award wiaward-winnings like Stacking Benjamins and Martinis and Your Money, as well as the Afford Anything podcast that reached 1 million listens in the first 13 months.

Here is video of Steve’s webinar on Advanced Podcast Editing in Audacity

You can find him at SteveStewart.me



Scott Moore

After 10 years in the US Army as an Officer, Scott decided it was time to pursue his passion for music by getting his B.Sc in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta. It was there that he discovered he also had a passion for telling stories through sounds as well as words so he started working in the film/television industry doing sound mixing, post audio and sound design. In 2016, after helping to build and open Rare Air Studios, Scott started looking for a new creative project to work on. Enter Ellie, a friend, writer and fellow film professional with whom he had worked with on multiple other productions. After a few conversations the SS Utopia and The Blood Crow Stories was born.

Scott is an Audio Engineer at Rare Air Studios and Audio Producer of The Blood Crow Stories.

Scott will be presenting at Podcasting Gear and Production


Rebecca Johnson

Since February 2015, Rebecca Johnson has been one of the co-hosts of Supergirl Radio, a weekly podcast about the Supergirl TV series that not only reviews each episode of the show, but also features interviews, comic book discussions, character spotlights, and charity fundraisers.

Rebecca spoke at the Podcasters Journey Panel

Discover more at Supergirl Radio

Bobby Blackwolf

Bobby started hosting a live internet radio show and podcast about the video game industry in July of 2005. Styled like an AM-Radio talk show with live chat room interaction and live phone calls from listeners. It has been taped live on Sunday nights from 8PM to 9PM for over 11 years. He now is an Editor in Chief of The Voice of Geeks Network, an internet radio station and podcast network about all forms of geek culture that he co-founded with a fellow veteran podcaster of 14 years.

Bobby spoke at the Podcasters Journey Panel

Discover more at The Voice of Geeks Network

Derek Hart

Derek is a web developer, speaker, and podcaster. He founded his design and branding company, Get the Gigs, in 2012 and has since worked with dozens of speakers and coaches. When he’s not holed up in a dimly lit room, pouring over lines of code, you can find Derek hanging out with his wife Mallie, playing a little bass guitar, and loudly expressing his frustrations over the Atlanta Falcons.

Derek spoke at the Podcasters Journey Panel

Get The Gigs Podcast on iTunes

Discover more at Get The Gigs website

Martin Kelley

Martin has a diverse background in independent film. After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, he started two independent record labels and worked as a music journalist before writing screenplays and making films. Martin co-founded and became co-president of the Atlanta Screenwriters Group, one of the largest screenwriter organizations in the Southeast, and is Editor-In- Chief of CinemATL and co-host of the CinemATL Podcast. Martin has written two films released by Lionsgate: Immigration Tango and Step Off. The latest movie he co-wrote and produced, blackhats, was recently released on Amazon, Google Play and other VOD outlets.

Martin spoke at the Podcasters Journey Panel

Discover more at CinemATL Podcast

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